The Privacy Policy applies to all types of processing (collection, use, transfer, storage, disposal) of information linked to persons (consumers, representatives) from Industrias DACTA SRL, regardless of how these data have been collected and/or in the world in which the owner resides thereof.


Industrias DACTA S.R.L. apply the following principles regarding the processing of personal data:

A. The data will be collected only for specified and specific purposes.

B. The personal data are not useful for such purposes will not be collected.

C. No personnel will be transferred to other companies or countries data are available except that prior consent.

D. corrections will be accepted on the personal data.

E. No personal data will be stored for longer than necessary to achieve the appropriate order.





1. A person linkable information is any information that can be used to identify an individual or relating thereto (hereinafter "personal data").

2. The activities of processing of personal data carried out by Industrias DACTA SRL ("DACTA") aim to facilitate or improve the supply of products and / or services.

3. DACTA not process personal data on behalf of other companies; not sell or share personal information with other companies without prior consent.

4. DACTA share personal data with third parties only when necessary to provide services not performed directly.

5. The transfers referred to in point 4 does not allow the provider of such services the use of personal data differently than those established in this manner Privacy Policy.

6. DACTA disclose personal data when legally obliged to do so (Injunction or requirement) or to facilitate the application of a law.




7. When a child under thirteen (13) years DACTA contacts, your personal data is collected along with the email address of his / her parent / legal guardian. The personal data of the minor are used exclusively for the purpose for which they were collected. Moreover, the email of his / her parent / legal guardian is used only to bring to your attention the performance thereof, the collected personal data and use DACTA give to them.

8. The father / mother / child of thirteen (13) years legal guardian shall be entitled to review, request the deletion or deny permission to use personal data of the child. For such actions, and to verify identities, the father / mother / guardian must provide data and own less.




10. For the proper functioning of the website, the navigation system and / or programming collect some navigation data (hereinafter "cookies") that are necessary in the use of internet communication protocols. Cookies are small text files that are stored when browsing web sites and applications. These files may collect the IP address, the URL of the page, connection time, and other parameters relating to the operating system.

11. The information contained in a cookie is not associated in any way to a person for non-identifying data to be stored, using only the information collected to identify the session in order to facilitate analysis of the website.

12. Some cookies remain active only until the web browser is closed. Others, however, can be stored longer.

13. The web site may contain links to other websites operated by third parties. DACTA has no control over the distribution and management of these cookies, and therefore, you should review the policies of such sites.

14. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies. Also, you can configure them to avoid accepting cookies and prevent the device from the store. Please check your browser's manual.

15. Anyone can visit the site, though not to accept cookies, but can not guarantee an optimal experience.


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