Fiscal Data

Form 960 / NM - "Data Fiscal" lets you know the behavior of a trade tax, consumer or general public.


Consumers can report irregularities detected in stores, through last generation mobile devices ("smartphones" or similar) with Internet access.


Taxpayers and/or responsible in the exercise of their activity with end consumers, are obliged to issue invoices or equivalent documents must display the Form 960 / NM - "Data Fiscal" in its local sale, lease or provision of services including unseen between palaces places, waiting rooms, offices and reception areas and other similar areas.


Sites "web" of taxpayers and/or officials who engage in short selling of personal property, leases and provisions of works and / or services on their own and/or third parties, should be placed in a visible place on your homepage, the logo "Form No. 960 / NM -" Data Fiscal ".

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