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The HD version of this web page loads high-resolution images of high resolution visuals and standard images in standard visual devices, without the performance penalty of the burden of high resolution images. HD stands for high dots per inch, is a name given to screens with high density of pixels and high resolution just term. With more pixels, HD screens can display text and images with greater detail than a standard screen. For example, Apple Retina Display available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and others can display high resolution text and graphics.


The HD screens allow the visitor to the page to see more quality content using more data per image. 2x image sizes result in files larger than 4 times the file from a standard image. Therefore, to view HD images visitors should charge 4 times as much data. In order to make the content appear faster on high-resolution devices, we make the standard file is first loaded, while the HD files are progressively loaded on top of the standard versions.


At the bottom of this text is the HD button, which allows the visitor to clear the HD option when entering from a high-resolution on a slow network:

HD activado y soportado por la pantalla.

HD disponible, pero desactivado.

HD no soportado por la pantalla.

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